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Grayed Out Nav Unit Icons ?

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Well the problem is exactly as it says in the header... Grayed Out Nav Unit Icons ?

Came back from my Mothers last night and the AC button on the nav screen was grayed out ?

A quick check around the other functions showed three grayed out icons under set up ?

I turned the engine off and back on and it seemed to clear it, however today the three functions on set up ( all to do with the sat nav ) where grayed out again but flickered back on ?

Is this a problem anybody else has encountered ? Or is this darn Nav unit on its way out ( good excuse to buy a 460 :winky: )

But seriously any suggestions welcomed.

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Just a guess, but it might be somthing to do with the speed sensor or what ever it is called. When the car goes over 5mph, my LS switches alot of things off like the phone and nav.

Sorry I can't be of more help.


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As above, if it's just the satnav buttons then it could be a fault to do with the speed sensor..........but that doesn't explain why the A/C button would grey out, I imagine that's never greyed out is it?

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the,s a gremlin going about as my a/c button greyed out on me as well couple of days back with a message popping up "check climate control" also my compressor makes a horrible noise every now and then im thinking its possibly the clutch on the compressor feckt :angry:

mine also comes on again ok once ive switched off and on again ie a/c touch screen button green again (WTF going on there then)

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