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Oem Headunit Problem

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I noticed that my left tweeter occasionally stops playing. Yesterday i opened the radio and no sound was coming out at all!

I switch to the CD but nothing. Screen was showing ok and everything (did n't seem frozen or something) but no sound at all.

After several on and off, it came back to life.

As i can recall, the audio system of the IS200 is an active system.

If that is right, does it mean that if one speaker fails then there is no sound at all?

Is there something i can check so i can determine the exact problem?

Any advice much appriciated

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I wonder if there's a problem with the amp ? You've got a Sport, right, with the separate amp ? I would assume that if the amp isn't working properly then you won't get any sound. Might be worth checking the connections on the amp.

You haven't had the windscreen replaced at any point have you ? Just wondering if it's not sealed properly, but then again you're in Greece so will probably not have so many issues with rain water as we may do over here ! :D

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Thank you for your suggestions.

No. The windscreen was never replaced.

Yesterday i opened the door panel and checked the tweeter connections.

Everything seemed fine. Unfortunately the whole time the radio was on, the tweeter played ok so i couldn't locate any problem...

One thing i noticed was that if i unplug the tweeter, the midrange speaker on the same door, stops playing as well.

So i guess it is more probable that the problem is the amp.

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