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Just back from a Nile cruise in Egypt, what a fantastic place!!

We thought the ruins would be your usual trash but the place is simply amazing words just cant do justice to the quality and quantity of the temples and tomb's.

Weather was about 40 - 42C in the afternoon and dropped to 20 - 25C in the evening, never have I felt heat like it. We went camel riding and had the opportunity to hold a baby crocodile and of course visited temples and the valley of the kings.

It is so hard to imagen the hardships of building these monuments and temples, then add forced labour and the intense heat of the desert. It must have been literally hell on earth.

If you want a fascinating holiday then I can't recommend Egypt enough. OK there are downsides like the constant throng of people trying to beg or sell you something but you get used to it and learn to ignore them fairly quickly. At one point the ship was surrounded by people trying to sell clothing by throwing it on to the deck and haggling over the price, most people just threw the goods back at them, but a few things were sold by throwing the money back at them in a little plastic bag with a float in it!!






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i'm goin their in august mate looks amazin!!!!this is sort of our honeymoon well aniversary got married last year in aug but my dad passed away the day after the wedding so we moved the date to this year and cant wait!!!!!sun sand sea and............................................................................. sunburn come one guys i am married after all!!!! :winky: :winky: :winky:

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Im thinking about going back but this time 2 c the valley of the kings, did Cairo & the pyramids r huge not like when u c them on TV how they moved them huge stones is beyond me ? & yeah the heat is unreal & no clouds 4 a break :yahoo: great pics :)


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Looks great Phil, deciding between there and Dubai for the honeymoon next year.

But back to the important things..... is the car ready?

That didn't take long to ask!!

Stereo fitted

LSD fitted (RS200 one)

Tacho conversion module arrived from the states yesterday so should be in soon

turbo not back from repair as of yesterday.

I can't get down there till Tuesday next week so should with luck pick it back up then.

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