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right ive recieved few pms regarding my helix clutch.

the questions i have been asked how does it feel compared to the OEM and other makes e.g. exedy

well i like the helix clutch alot but in my opinion it is expensive for a clutch and there is cheaper option out there.

well the helix clutch doesnt really have a biting point and thats the thing i like about it.

now i was wondering if other members post about what clutch they have and how it feels to the OEM.

its for the people who have been pm'ing me


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Ive had three clutchs on the Lex:

Helix: excellent clutch loved it.

SPEC stage 2: the worst clutch ever, warped quickly and f**k all respond from the manufacturer when i asked for some sort of warrenty.

and Standard that i'm now running. obviously very good.


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The exedy kit is supposed to be an OEM replacement - when i've put that part number into the exeddy website it is their basic clutch kit with no mention of an organic plate. Not that it means the plate isn't organic.

The 2nd unbranded performance clutch is just that an organic performance clutch. Would be interesting to hear from anyone who may have had it fitted.

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