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Do Your Drinks Always Get Warm In The Car? Do You End Up Having To Buy


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Just cut the shape of a mini fridge off the back of your rear passenger seat, where the arm rest is and install one

Yeah maybe simple in a is200 as the hole is already there, but a Mazda 6, lol what fun we had with my dads !

Please wait a few seconds for Video to Load!

and you end up with this:




Im impressed, just need to put some seal around the fridge unit, so when you close the armrest it seals it.

When im bored ill fit one in my car

what u reckon?

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Looks good but like you said needs some sort of seal around the front or its not going to work.

and be careful i used to have one of them in my room at my parents years ago and they leak a little condesation

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ummm thanks for the heads up stav, will have to inspect every so often, it kinda does the job now without the seal, when the car is very very hot, the drinks are s till cool from the last drive, with the seal should be good, but recommend not having it switched on all the time, as it would go on and off everytime you drive.

Wish i had the is200, otherwise the vid and pics would have been of that instead lol

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Better still Saraj do a micowave and we can feed Mr Mole your birds :cat::cat:

hahahah lol, microwave in the glove box would be ideal, then again the fridge does have a hot setting lol.

Mr Mole, ill have to bring this down to a meet one day, with a bird, and hpe my wife does not notice

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