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What Tipes Of Bulbs To My Headlights?

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Hi, i have a question, what type of bulbs you suggest to my headlights? Becasue i must change them, one of them is giving bad light so must change them both.? I have orginal HID lights so i guess it will be D2R bulbs but what type u propose? In poland i see only Phlips 4300K and many of others from 4000K to 1200K but brand wich i never hear about.

Maybe u have more experience with bulbs then me, because its my new car and first with xenons :)


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Using Google, D2R does seem to be the correct bulb type. eBay UK has loads of D2R replacement bulbs, different colour temperatures and different makers (including Osram, not just unknown brands).

It's up you what colour temp you want to go for. 4300K will probably be closest to your OEM ones, and the brightest, and the most white in colour. If you go for 6000K then they'll have a very slight blue tinge and will be slightly less bright.

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here's a pic of mine mate i'm running 10ks some people have had trouble from the law running 10ks but in a year i've had none..

the pic shows one standard 100w bulb and a 35w hid 10k kit.

left(blue one)hid................right(poop one)100w hid look bulb


ps bulb types to make it easyer for you.

sidelights 501 capless

indicator 582 capless

headlight HB4/9006

full beam HB3/9005

front fogs HB4/9006

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