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Road Tax, Some Good News

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I just got a response from the petition I signed about the unfair road tax changes, and in the middle of all the government waffle I came across this very interesting statement :

Drivers of cars purchased between 1 March 2001 and 23 March 2006 that emit over 225g/km will maintain their exemption from the top rate of VED.

That's great news for IS200 owners then :)

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It's all about winning the next election, and the way things are that doesn't look likely so they're not going to do anything to annoy any more people.......but it's definitely good news for now :)

I wouldn't ever say anything is permanent, as if they do make it in again, I'm sure they'll reverse their decision.

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The problem is that they don't say for how long. If they said that "such cars have been allocated to Group K and would always remain part of Group K" then I might feel a lot easier. IS200 CO2 levels, under the new system, would only ever have put them into the next to top group anyway, not the top group. I imagine if we were MP's we could claim any future additional costs as expenses.

Having said all that, I don't believe that IS200's or any other similar car registered between those dates will move out of Group K. It would be a cruel tax on the "relatively" poor and political dynamite.

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If you think about it though the older these cars get, the harder it will be to impose massive tax penalties on them. I'm satisfied it's not going to be reversed.

The Tories were dead against this change to be fair to them, so if they do get in I can't see them reversing it. This terrible move by the Govt to hammer drivers of older cars already on the road was one of the things that got them more support IMO (I'm not talking about myself here by the way)...

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