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Huge List Of Diy's For Gs300 * Must Click*

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Service Manual:

Supra JZA80 Work Shop Repair Manual TSRM:

GS300 JZS160 / JZS161 Work Shop Repair Manual TSRM:

GS430/300 Service Manual:


JeffTsai DIY projects:

JeffTsai Video:

Banangs DIY page:

Lexus LS DIY that may apply to GS:

2carpro Great site for repair information:

Wheel bolt pattern reference:

VVTi Oil control valve filter should be inspected at 100,000km service:

VVTi 2JZGTE Facts, differences and conversion information:

Why Twin-ground electrode spark plugs are required:

HID information:

SRT high flow intake system with race ECU:


Spring replacement:

L-Tuned suspension:

Steering rack bushing replacement:

Lower Ball Joint DIY :

Brake pads replacement:

TRD Sway install DIY:

Spring/Shock reference:

Jack placement:;highlight=jack

Rear Lower brace install:

Bleeding brakes DIY:

Brake caliper paint DIY:

Supra TT brake upgrade DIY:

Hub centric rings for G35 wheels to fit GS:

Rear brake grinding repair DIY:


CEL Codes:

DIY Starter replacement GS 400:

DIY Starter replacement GS300:

Transmission flush:

Power Steering fluid flush:

Transmission cooler:

TB coolant bypass:

Header install:

Turbo install:

Head Gasket replacement:

Spark Plug replacement GS 300:

Spark plug replacement GS 400:

Skid plate DIY:

Timing belt replacement:

Fuel system upgrade; fuel return line:

Valve body DIY modification:

Custom methanol DIY :

LSD installation:

Alternator replacement:

Change differential oil DIY:

SRT intake ECU wiring diagram DIY:

Replacing GS300 02 sensor Bank 1 sensor 2 code PO141 DIY:

O2 sensor replacement:

MAF sensor cleaner DIY:

Swapping rear differential DIY:

AFC Neo install DIY:

Air filter change drop in DIY GS 4xx:

Charcoal Cannister replacement GS430 DIY:

Serpentine belt GS 430 DIY:

Power Steering filter install DIY:

Steering Tensioner Adjustment (Vibration @ 60 MPH) DIY:

CRC Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner Info:

DIY intake for GS300:

VVT-i: It's All a Matter of Timing

Valve Stem Seal Replacement Guide DIY:

Hood Latch replacement cable DIY:


Radio settings:

Speaker replacement 4 inch.

Radio removal:

Aftermarket radio installation:

Cabin filter DIY:

Servo motors replacement DIY:

Dome lighting DIY:

Avic D3 installation:

Sub replacement DIY:

Aftermarket sub replacement DIY:

Factory Car Stereo Repair:

Climate control lights DIY:

Change radio display color DIY:;highlight=DIY

Bluetooth installation:

Fiberglass trunk sub trunk DIY:

Door lock actuator DIY:

Hardwiring radar DIY:

Lower door molding replacement:

Instrument cluster removal:

Headrest monitor install DIY:

EDFC coin tray install DIY:

Clicking moon roof repair DIY:

Reducing door wind noise DIY:

Sunroof rattle fix DIY:

Sticky window repair DIY:

Aftermarket Radio install GS 300 DIY:

Cleaning/Changing cabin temp sensor DIY:

Chrome shifter bezel ring install DIY:

Wind noise missing boby plugs DIY:***-window.html

Center console bulb replacement DIY:


TTE Lip install:

Factory HID bulb replacement:

Stripping grille:

Buffing headlights:

HID retrofit:

Need to register for this but worth it HID retrofit:

Headlight cleaning:

OEM HID install DIY:

Rear fender shave DIY:

Fender shave DIY:

L-Tuned side installation:;ppuser=13362

Headlight removal:;threadid=41770

Fog lights mod DIY:

Disabling day running lights:

Debagging DIY:

Paint touch up and wet sand:

Another HID retro GS DIY:

LED tail light install DIY:

Clay Bar DIY:

Clear side marker install DIY:

Clear tail light install DIY:

Fiberglass repair DIY:

H&R spacer install DIY:

Rear bumper removal DIY:

License plate and Dome light LED DIY:

HID reference:

Lexus center cap mod for non-Lexus center caps DIY:

Hope this can help someone.


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brilliant information! a non-stop shop, no more trawling through internet pages!

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Firstly, great post. :)

Secondly, please can someone point me in the direction of a page that tells you about the dashboard warning lights on a 2003 GS430 Sport. I need to know what it means when the orange headlight tilt light comes on for about one minute after you start the engine (this is after it has already come on and gone off when you turn the ignition to on before you start the engine).

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Just tried to check the shop repair manual and the service manual. The site is there but there is no link to the files :(

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