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Head Gasket/is It A Bigger Job Than People Make Out?


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My uncle is a motorbike mechanic who rebuilds bikes and is a real motor head. He also used to be an MOT tester and part time (trained) mechanic (years ago). however he is now just a bike freak & motorbike rebuilder. and we were talking about the head gasket on my lexx.

He said i can do it mate not a problem!. it will be a days work but he wont charge me. He talked me throught the stages about plaining the head up etc.. and he seems to know what hes on about. he just said the hardest part to it is timing it up but he said he would sort it. as he does them on bikes all the time.

So it got me thinking. As he is mechanically minded and knows about engines should i let him have a go for the sake of a £90 quid gasket set or do i pay £1k for an independant garage to do it?? i no where my mind is pointing at the moment lol.

£100 or £1000k ??

what do you think guys?

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i am not 100% what all is connected to your head,

but if you are going to change the timing belt (cam belt),

that is the optimal time to change your head gasket.

since you have to remove your timing belt to change your head gasket and all...

but you will need new head bolts, unless your head uses studs, then you will need new nuts.

you should check out ARP head studs as a replacement for your head bolts, then you will only need nuts when you remove your head.

plus the headache of removing everything that is connected to your head.

when your head is removed you can do all kinds of cool things.

you can shave your head, it is another way of changing compression, or fixing warped heads if you remove your head bolts in the wrong order.

great time to install a higher compression head gasket (or lower compression head gasket if you want to supercharge)

and also some new cam shafts and cam gears while you are at it.

fun times man, fun times...

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hi steve, indeed i had a gas test but still the coolant leakes. not in the waterpump and not from the rad, and also not from the heater matrix. so i would of thought it would be the head gasket. i wasnt implying that i wanted to change it i was just enquiring. thats the reason i joined the forum for advice.


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