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Idea On How To Solve The Crappy Key Fob Issue


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Again today i have had to go and buy another key fob and have a new key cut, its only costing me a £10, but getting rather annoying, 4 in 8 months is becoming a pain in the rear.

at first i thought it was my fault maybe not pushing the ignition in propoly therefore causing to much resistance between the metal and the plastic, but after months of conciously making sure im pushing the ignition in properly on start up, ive had another keyfob break.

so whilst standing in my laser cutters, who ive got to know well, we came up with a suggestion, and maybe those of you with more technical knowledge may be able to say yes thats a cracking idea, or no, your a fool, so here is the suggestion.

if im correct the newer lexi's have flip key fobs, if iget one of these either just the shell or with an imobiliser, would i be able to 1, fit the original imobiliser into the shell, or 2, programme the immobiliser in the key already to my IS200.

My dad has a Ctiroen C4 with a flip key fob, and the key works on its own ratchet, therefore there is no stress on the key fob itself on start up.

just an idea, anybody reckon it can be done?

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You can get flip type keys for the IS200- there's plenty of sellers on ebay offering these.

Yon can fit the buttons into the flip key/shell without any problems and no programming will be needed.

But...I have read (I don't have 1st hand experience of this) that these flip keys on ebay are of poor construction/quality.

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That's quite surprising, I know they're supposed to be weak but that's quite a few keys you've been through there..........I still haven't broken one and have had the car 7 years.

The newer Lexus's don't have flip keys though, they have keyless go so just a fob - however there are some flip keys on ebay you might want to have a try with if you are interested. With those ones you can just transfer the electronic gubbins from your key into that one.

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I've had a key snap and it's very annoying. It happened to me at a motorway services on the way back from WIM. The only thing that saved me was the pliars in the boot, which I could use with the blade to start the car, but not exactly safe.

My local key cutting place did a repair with glue, and it's holding very well, its stronger than standard.

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