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Rear Brake Shoes Problem

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.hi guys . I am new to this forum and needs your help. Is anybody got knowledge about Rear Brake shoes Assembly as well as components. If some has some expertise or information please help me as I was changing my rear brake disc and pads on IS200, While loosing up hand brake shoe through the adjuster hole I've done something which make one of the Pink spring pop out but I managed to take the disc off and I seen that spring with cup so i try to put that thing back on their places and did managed to do that after putting back everything i test the brakes and hand brake and but when i drove the car just few yards i heard the noise was coming out from that side wheel which spring poped out from the shoes so parked up again and undo everything as i was suspious about that spring so found the exact problem put the spring back and lock the pin into the cup top of the spring and then i realise that when i try to put the pin back in the positon it comes out from the back . so im not sure did damage the pin and spring or cup which probably not staying in their position and if you guys think you can help i will be really obliged.

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