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Wear On Middle Of Rear Tyres, Pressure Or Alignment?

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Hi guys,

Just been out driving in my car and it started to rain and noticed the car was really tail happy so when I got home I checked the treads, and on both the rear tyres the middles are worn down. I check the pressures resonably regularly and I usually set them all about 35 psi. The only thing Im thinking is that I do 90% motorway miles, so should I decrease the pressures a bit? The tyres are Pirelli P Zero Rossos all round 225/40 r18. I had problems with them wearing unevenly so had the alignment set to the Drs settings, and when the fronts wore down this time they were pretty even, so I don;t think its alignment.



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Are you on styling kit 18s like in your sig? It does point to over inflation, but most people run on 35psi and some are now recommending 38 on 18" wheels.

However, the rears on our Merc wore just in the centre exactly like yours, but Tony said it was because they were really wide and it's not unusual - I'm not sure what width constitutes really wide but could be worth checking with him as you're not running pressures that are higher than what anyone else is using.

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I must admit I usually use a garage forcourt getting a new pair of rears today so il try 33 all round and see how it goes. Thanks for replies.

Get yourself a digital tyre pressure guage too to check that it is actually that pressure in your tyres :)

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When i had Pirelli Pzero rosso`s on my IS200 ( styling kit alloys 225/40/"18" ) i had them on the back running 35 psi and set to WIM settings never had the problem with the middle tread being worn out more than the edges...i must say it does tend to look like over inflation... :unsure:

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