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Hello Everyone,

To date I want to introduce a mechanic mate of mine who has saved me hundreds of pounds in labour and parts cost

These are the works he has done so far to my N reg GS300 w/ 138K on the clock

1. Changed my radiator, is now performing brilliantly, I found the part on ebay with someone who owns a parts dealership in East London savings - 250 pound in parts, a few hundred in labour

2. Fixed my ripped leather seat(drivers side) was a 4 hr job as he had to remove the leather, saved loads, I had item hand stitched back

3. Starter motor fix - didnt even have to replace most parts, he put on a new copper coating from breakers! 250 pound saved on parts, a couple of hundred in labour!

4. Replaced my timing belt - was quoted 500+ by Lexus in London, way less with him

Anyways hes been my mechanic for years now, if anyone in London or not too far away needs help, you can email me, Im sure he can arrange things if travel is needed, sure to save people some bob!

I'll attach my babys pics soonlexy1

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