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What Kind Of Lsd?


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hi guys! I own a IS200 sport (at least I think its a sport). when car was lifted on jacks I tried to turn one rear wheel to see if I have a limited slip diff, and I was expecting both wheels to turn same direction, but they didn't. I was quite confused. I tought its a typical open diff, but when on road, under any road conditions, on a straight line or making a turn, both wheels spin like its a LSD, so that makes powersliding quite easy.

what kind of LSD do Lexus has? torque sensing?

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If you want to check to make sure you have an LSD you will need to look at your VIN plate under the bonnet.


You are looking for this circled code.

If, just like this plate, it ends in "B" then it's LSD. If it ends in "A" then you have an open diff.

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