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Brake Pedal Problem


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Hi there,

This is my first post on this forum, but I believe I will come here more and more often, as I am planning on buying one particular Lexus IS200 A/T. Also, sorry for my English and I hope that you will be able to understand my problem :) After checking the car (I have tested a few of them in total), the brake pedal seems to be insensitive at the top, however, the braking itself, if pushed hard to the bottom, seems to be efficient - the ABS works and wheels do not get locked. What could be wrong - any possible reasons? I assume I should check next time, if it is a bigger pedal free play or if it is braking system related - could it be caused by not well bleeded braking system or leaks?

P.S. are there any other major things I should check especially for this model apart of general engine, transmission, suspension inspection? :)



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Well the brakes on my IS200 have plenty of bite to them...they are quite progresive and dont get instant bite at the top ( which is great for stop start town driving ) but the more you press the better they get..

But also check when the brake fluid was changed, also check the pads make sure they are ok thickness wise and that they are not "glazed over "...and just check in general for leaks from the brake pipes etc....

Its like most things when you drive a new car from the one you are used to everything will feel different to start of with...good luck with the search and hopefully the new purchase.... :D

There are plenty of good people on here to help you out with your questions...

The big problem that all IS200/300 get is the chassis settings ( suspension ) is wrong when they came out from the factory so this WILL cause front or rear INNER tyre wear problems if its not been sorted out already...

Type ( tyre wear )in the search section at the top of the page and all will be revealed....

Goto this link below for help with this ( Tony Bones is the man you want )

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