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Carnt Get Iso Lead To Fit I S 200

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firstly do you have an s or se or sport etc, the se and sport have small 6x6 inch amps near glove box on left but glove box needs to be removed first to view that means you need a special long lead called amp bypass cable if you want to check ebay. but you need to let us know which is200 you have first.

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right an se has built in amp, with a car with/without nav firstly remove the glovebox when you get a chance by looking underneath on the hinges, there are two plastic pins that come out, don't lose them and use a flat knife or screwdrive to pop them out, very tough by hand. once removed you will see the amp on the left handside, should have a couple of plugs in it, basically the amp can be removed and a plug that used to go in the amp now goes in your new iso lead, the other end then goes to the stereo, the lead is quite long about 2-3 foot, it's not one of those 6 inch iso's that you and i are used to. item 380162983931 from ebay eg. SECONDLY AS YOU HAVE SAT NAV YOUR SAT NAV WILL NOT WORK properly (no sound i think)without a different or other cable so you may not want to proceed, there are a few topics on here and a guy called fargo made his own wires which solved the problem, i just took my nav out (sold it)and replace with normal shelf (bought it)when i replaced the head unit. search is your best friend from here in this section or help from other members who have the nav option, not ideal advice i know but it puts you in the picture a bit more. have a play taking glovebox out and do some searching and you can see at least what your up against

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just That Alone Has Helped A Million,I Have Been Connecting It To The Plug That Comes From Lexus Head Unit,Never Thought To Follow Wires Down,Saw The Amps When i was fitting the live lead from battery for my amps & thought it was some sought of uch or brain of some sort.dont mind not havig the voise as long as map works that will be ok.. Thanks For your advice,1st ever time on a forum,very very helpful people. Thanks & Regards Spencer..

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