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Suspension Failures On 430s - Silly Question

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If there are so many suspension failures caused by corrosion of the ride height sensors, is it worth cleaning these and coating them in ACF50 every few thousand miles?


It couldnt do any harm, check its ok with lexus first or they might try and wriggle out of a claim .

Shame you cant do the lpg conversion yet. I had to go down to south Germany on Tuesday & back on Sunday 650 miles each way 70euro down & 60 euro back & I was in a mighty hurry, 110 to 130mph on the autobahn on the way down & a steady 100mph on the way back. ( it still hasnt used a drop of oil in 7000 miles ) I am still astounded as to how good these cars are. 11 years old with 144k on it now. An effortless mile muncher & my favorite armchair the longer I have it the more i am in awe of it. ( long may it continue) & I hope yours proves to be the same.

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Where did you get your lpg conversion done - BRC or what, & do you mind saying how much it cost, please?

Hi I got mine done at Battersea autogas BRC plug & drive £1750, If you book it in there make sure they are not too busy & mention me Mark with the black ls400 from last november ( they should remember me), very nice genuine people but I have heared some bad reports when they get busy they rush things. Mines been fine though

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