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Satnav Display Gone Blank

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The central display console on my IS250SE-L for the sat-nav, etc has gone totally blank today. I can't get anything to come on it. We I first switch on the engine the Lexus logo flashes on the screen for a few seconds before going blank. I've tried pressing all the control switches but nothing seems to help. Also tried the dimmer switch and covered the dashboard light sensor. Any suggestions please?

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I phoned my Lexus Dealer service department and was told that with the engine off I should hold the "Menu" button in whilst pressing the engine Start button - nothing solved. Then I was told to disconnect the car Battery for a few minutes and reconnect it to see if that will reset the management system - again nothing happened appart from now loosing the radio stations !!! As there is nothing on the screen you can't see what anything is set to.

Any suggestions please - if not I'll have to take it in to Lexus and make a 100+ mile round trip. It is still under warranty but I didn't know if by pressing something it has turned something off.

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