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Front And Rear Bumper Going Off


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A bus managed to make a couple of scratches on my car so it's going to get my driver side door resprayed and I'm going to get my front and rear bumper resprayed as well (cheaper for me now) and i need instruction on how to remove the bumpers from my car.

Any threads about this? The search function sucks :)

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They are from but believe same as the is200

Front bumper, Says headlight but is both

Rear Bumper

also found this and copied from another thread for front bumper . . .

"5 mins mate....few screws along the top,one 10mm bolt either side(behind the splash guard)and a few 10mm under the car(holds the under tray to the bumper)then give it a hard pull job done..........if you have headlight washers just remember and unplug the washer pipe you will see this soon as you pull the bumper away"

hope that helps

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Got my car and my bumpers back today :D






I would say they did a great job

Now i just have to get em back on my car. Didn't have enough time to get it done today :)

Also added a fancy image viewing thingy witch you kan view these images in on my hompage (created today) if ppl like that. linky :P

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