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Hello there.

Could someone please tell me if the Engine Control Unit 'ECU' can simply be replaced. I have read elsewhere that ECU's are synced up to their engines.

I have went through various sensor problems, changed coils, to resolve and resolve my various error codes, but my IS200 still misfires and cuts out after about 10mins.

Can i simply try out another ECU just to rule it out ??


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I also heard that, but I think that maybe that is more to do with the Electronic Control Unit which is different to the Engine Control Unit. A tad confusing when they both abbreviate to 'ECU'

Has anyone had any experiences, that they can help me out with ?

Many thanks

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some key smiths do this mate have you had lexus look at the car?

No I haven't had the car into Lexus just yet, I would have to get it towed there as it keeps cutting out after after about 15 mins, although it does start again after it's been sitting for about 3 hours.

A bit of history over the last couple of months......

The car was running rough as if it wasn't firing on all cylinders, it had the following error codes,

P0300 Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected

P0301 Cylinder #1 Misfire Detected

P0302 Cylinder #2 Misfire Detected

P0303 Cylinder #3 Misfire Detected

P0304 Cylinder #4 Misfire Detected

P0305 Cylinder #5 Misfire Detected

I changed the plugs, no difference so replaced the relevant coil packs which did make it run that bit smoother, but still not perfect. Checked the codes again and I now had the code, P0175 System Too Rich (Bank #2)

The car now cuts out after it has been running for 15 mins or so, I have to leave the car for a couple of hours before it will start again.

I had another error code which I cannot recall, as the battery went completely flat and I lost all the error codes I can recall it started P13##

I put the car into a local garage who advertise themselves as Diagnosis Specialists, it sat in there for four weeks and they couldn't fix the problem, their Invoice says the following..

Found injectors not operating when vehicle starting,. Found coolant temp sensor valves fluctuating, replaced temp sensor and tested. Vehicle still cutting out. Checked valve timing and other Engine sensors. No faults found on test - Suspect internal fault with Engine Control Unit.

I am about to send my own ECU to ECU testing in Notts and see what they say, so rather than have my key recoded (just in case it is not an ECU problem) I would rather have my second hand ECU decoded, or is their away I can have the immobilizer code function disabled ?

Once again any help would be much appreciated !

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