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Tyre Choices - Is200


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Hi Guys,

3rd post on here so be gentle!

I have just bought a 2003 is200 SE auto and it is in desperate need of new tyres all round (front are worst) they currently have 205/45/17 on the front Federal SS595s and on the rear 215/45/17 1x Conti SC2 and 1x Vredestien (spelling?)

I went to my local fitters and asked if he had any part worns in, they searched but alls they have is continentals and pirellis (with excellent tread on them) in 225/45/17 :( they were to cost £20 each fitted and had like new tread on them all matching.

The fitted also had 2nr brand new conti SP3s for £50 each - again 225/45/17 :(

is it a big no no to put this size tyre on as i have read that the correct size is 215/45/17, as you can see i have some undersized ones on the front at the moment (didnt notice when i bought it!)

i have ordered 2x new Federal SS595s for the front in 215/45/17 (as i can cope another week with the rears as they have good tread on them, just brands are odd)

but i am wondering if i could fit the 225/45/17 contis (new ones that are a steal and a half!) to the rears?

I am stuck for budget at the moment, hence the Federals, but the undersized and on the limit ones curently on the car are holding up well, i havent slid anywhere and the braking is fine etc, not like the cheapo tyres i had on my old golf where i just didnt trust them)

any advice is greatly appreciated



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