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Burning Smell In Reverse


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long time listener first time caller here.

Looking for a spot of advice please. When in reverse and riding the clutch, say to manouver up a steep drive, there is a strong smell of burning rubber from the front of the car. The other day when I reversed onto a steep bank it even started smoking...

It doesn't happen when the clutch is fully engaged in reverse.

The car also drives fine with no evidence of the clutch slipping etc.

So...I suspect it's just the friction from riding the clutch with high revs. Sound about right?

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it sounds like you are burning the clutch out, although it may possibly be something different. It's difficult to reverse up steep hills without doing this or stalling or shooting off like a rocket etc. Try driving forwards up it and then rolling back using the footbrake to then reverse out, instead of how you're doing it, not always possible for safety/visibility issues etc.

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