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Car Was Manky Spit And Polish Time


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car was manky!!!!!! from the handles down was brown!!not a good look for a lex!!so while i was was working today it got the once over!!:thumbup1:

heres a few posing pics.

side on


rear view


10k headlights.......8k full beam+number plate tilter


just 10k's on


my shiney L badge


now i'll need to do the inside tomorrow!!

picking up the new twin 12" sub box from aztecbandit either monday or tuesday which ever is best(down his way on a course)

was also toying with the idea of painting the centers of the wheels gloss black and the lips the same green as my car??waht ya's think?

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Funny you should say that, i washed my car to meet up with Hodaz as he was giving me a free green rear bumper :) and a day later it was filthy :(( however i did see a nice license plate on my way back which was a Lexus driver not sure what model but his plate said this L3SUX which made me smile hehe.

Im going to hopefully give the car a wash, polish and wax tomorrow as i want to get it done before it gets too cold :( also depends on my mood as ive been stressed out for the past 2 days. *sigh*

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