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Door Switch To Operate Courtesy Light?


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My wifes car had got the dreaded headlights staying on problem! (is200 on a w plate). She informed me yesterday! As it was to dark to look about, I disconnected the battery. I just went out to connect the battery up. After doing so I noticed that when the car door was opened, the courtesy (is that what you call it! the "cabin!" light I mean!) light didnt come on?On reading previous posts, I have seen that some of the answers to this particular problem! have been down to this fault?

Trouble is, its wet! and I dont even see the switch! (on cars Ive had before, there is just a "pin"? you can push in to make light work?

All I saw just now (bearing in mind its pouring down! and I wasnt there for long!) were 2 black round plastic "grommet cover type things!".

Am I missing the obvious please?. I f anybody has ideally pics or any info on locating/testing/removal/repair! of the switches Id be most grateful!!!!

ps I posted yesterday as to the whereabouts of the headlight relay (got an answer its in the engine fuse box!) When I looked however I wasnt sure which one it was! as to me (who is extremely wary of anything electrical!) it wasnt marked very well? I "think!" though it is a big one marked head ?????? At least if I finf which relay to remove it will be easier than disconnecting the battery all the time!

Many many thanks for any info or advice that you may be able to offer!


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I found the switches! Dohhhh!

The interior light will come on when you push the botton on the actual light itself, but it wont work via door opening?

Ive pushed the door switches in manually, the interior light remains unlit, but the red lights on the actual door will go out? Ive already said Im useless with electrics! but! if the red lights come on.does this mean the switches are OK?. Could I (or my wife actually!) be really lucky and the interior light just needs re-setting or something?

On saying all that ! Since I re-connected the battery , and pushed all the relays in tighter!! The headlights havent come back on (in maybe an hour!)?

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