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i'm looking to pull mine out completely an replace with an 8" touchscreen...

there's plenty of space there to work with as long as your handy with a dremel

I was thinking that too.

I saw a nice supply of reasonably priced units here

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I've got a touchscreen double din fitted with freeview tv fitted. You don't need to change anything on the car other then taken a few wires for live and earth etc off the old factory connectors. You will loose the rear amp speaker when fitting aftermarket or unless you get another amp connected to your stereo.

You get then get the surround from the US which is a straight fit. Around £10.

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any recommendations for an amp swap bazgtr?

I'm looking to pull the factory one out and fit something better, especially if I would lose the rear sub by fitting an aftermarket radio

Thats your choice. How loud do you want to go. Any sextons shop would easily advise.

Remember there are two wires you need to join together for the factory illumation lights to work on the centre dash of the ls400. There's a thread with me saying which ones to join up somewhere. Use the search.

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