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Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta........ When Start


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Hi guys,

London 20:00 Friday night, I should on the way back to B'ham 1 hour ago, said good bye to my friends and went to the car park, turned the key:

ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta...........................


ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta...........................

Not a sound of engine turning at all.

there is something I noticed when I got in the car: the smell - smells like the battery acid (quite storng)

called the RAC, jump-started it

I didn't stop in any service to have a rest, went all the way to B'ham.

Question is: is this a dead battery or the starter mortor's teeth worn out or something else?

cheers guys.

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deffinatly sounds like the battery, if it smelt like battery acid i would sugest getting your alternator checked down at your local garage check that its not overcharging your battery, this happened to my focus a few years back, i went through about 4 batterys in 2 months, it was internally melting my battery. get the battery changed mate, see if that changes things and at the same time get the alternators charge checked.

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thanks guys?

what's the size of the battery should I get? any Recommendations on makes and where to get the best price?

also, to change the battery, will I lose the info in the EMU and the code for the radio (if there is one which I don't know)

many thanks again..

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just get 1 from the dealer - its quite cheap and has 3 year warranty.

the battery is dead and you will loose the radio presets and the odo but thats it - no radio code needed

lose the ODO? I suppose only the trip A and trip B, not the total.

anyone has any idea about the size of the battery?


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end of the story:

got one from the B'ham dealer, guess what? £57.25 inc VAT. 144.55 for fitting it.

so got the battery and fitted it within 5 mins.

Job done, starts and runs perfectlly.

many thanks guys

comfirmed: lost Trip A and B and all radio settings and clock...... no radio code needed.

so what.............

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