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Is200 Sports Luxury 1999 Model Idle Problem


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hey guys im new to this forum an after a quick hand cause seen some of you guys are gurus at lexus as in australia their rare as F@&$ ok well

the problem:

the car is a is200 sports 1999 automatic 170,000km(105,000miles i think)

the car has this problem idles at 3000rpm

i checked over everything for an air leak of some sort an nothing,

i drove the car around for 3days in this condition then i thought possibly its the throttle body so i pulled it apart an cleaned it an put it back on,

drove it back home from work where i did the cleaning, the next day i was driving it an the trc off light apeared an started flashing an the engine light apeared constant an i have no power till my foot is flat to the floor ( like it is in limp mode) i stopped on the side of the road turned it off for 15mins then started it an all good, then later in the afternoon same problem returned an hasnt gone away since,

checked for codes an had only a throttle code cleared it as i thought it was from when i removed it, started the car an still same issue, tested again if code had relogged an NO CODES!! wtf

need help urgent!!

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