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Stereo Wiring Diagram Needed Please

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I know tigerfish has done quite a few help topics on the mk1 but i cant seem to find a stereo wiring diagram.

I have just set about fitting the parrot Bluetooth system that was given me and looks as if i need to hard wire it as eBay only do adapters for 2000 onward and i cant seem to find one anywhere else.

I have found on here a wiring diagram for the mk2 but am struggling to find one for the mk1, Any help would be great and thankyou in advance for any guidance given


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Well i've had a look at the diagram and the stereo and it's beyond me :( . I think i'm going to have to have it installed. Dont suppose anyone has fitted one or anything similar to a gs. This is the back of the stereo and even with the diagram kindly supplied by tigerfish i still cant work out what to tap in to.


There is power already there from some other kind of handsfree so no problem there. I can work out what is coming out of the amp to speakers but not from stereo. (or do you have to tap in after the amp?) As i say unlees someone has done one i think i might be better getting it done, Usually i'm ok with stereo's but this is not as straight forward as i hoped either that or i'm being extremely thick.

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I have a Parrot CK-3100 in mine, but I had already removed and bypassed the amp. You are correct, if your amp is still in use, you would need to tap in to the speaker lines after the amp. The mute cable that comes with the handsfree just switches relays to remove the amp outputs from the speakers and replace them with the handsfree output. The only other option I can see would be to tap into the speaker lines where they enter the doors, but that would be even more awkward. If the cables aren't long enough to reach the boot, you would have to extend them.

It is probaly more economical to extend the connection between the control unit the the mute lead, rather than extend the iso connector for the speaker connections (as you would need to run one length up the car to the boot from the mute cable, and another length back down again to the parrot kit). No idea if parrot may do an extension cable and I can't remember how long they are of the top of my head.

The amp is located under the changer in the boot, so you would need to remove the carpets from that end of the boot and unbolt the changer unit etc to make life easier for working space. Shouldn't be too hard a job. Good luck.

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Thanks for that, after a call to friend of a friend that will do the work for between £15 and £25 i have decided to leave well alone and get him to do it. I know he's good as he does all the gaffers limo's audio. Thanks again. :)

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Well he found an easy option rather than having to make a loom to the boot. He's wired into the audio out from the stereo, The only snag is the ringer is amplified so even on lowest volume it's still quite loud (but i can live with that) the in call options for some reason isn't a problem, the volume works fine. So a free parrot Ck-3200 and £15 to fit makes Dylan a very happy bunny. Thanks again for the help Tigerfish.

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