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Few Little Projects

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I just thought i would share with all of you what i have been up to for the last few weeks

Well as you know i refurbed and painted another set of alloys for my car. These have now been laquered and are just about ready to go on the car when i find the time to get some tyres put on them




My mate managed to pick up a set of alloys with tyres for his civic for just £45. They were in a pretty bad state but couldnt really complain for the price and the tyres were all decent. We refurbed them and strayed them white. These are now on his car and tbh look pretty much new :D :winky:




Anodised red lug nuts and valves


And lastly a wall decided to just out behind him as he was reversing :whistling:

Quarter panel was all creased but luckily i we managed to get it out from the inside and then i was left with the job of smoothing it all back off. Please take into account that i have never done bodywork before and its not finished at the moment. just waiting on him to buy some finer sandpaper etc and i can finish it off. Im pretty pleased for a first attempt tho



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