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Which Offset Do I Need?


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Okay i don't have a clue about this and i realy tried to find out the offset i need but I'm stuck so was hoping you could help me.

Was looking at a tread recommending and 43 offset was recommended for 8'' wide alloys.

Will these alloys fit at all?

they will fit, but depending if and to what extent of lowering they may rub the rear arches a bit, nothing that a bit of arch rolling will solve

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Did you get these in the end mate as I was looking at possibly getting a set myself but wanted to make doubly sure of them fitting. The measurements seem to work out ok. If you have have you got any pics yet?

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Hi guys have been busy for a while (earning money) :)

Ordered the alloys yesterday but guess it will take a couple of weeks before I'll have em here(Norway) but it really worth it.

Guess i would have to pay like £ 1200 for the same set of alloys over here. Have to pay taxes tough... 25% of £ 700.

Guess I'll give em a call on Monday or do they have open tomorrow?

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