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Another Central Locking Question

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Ok i have looked at the last two threads regarding remote central locking. I have a 1993 LS400 and since i got the car have had the folowing problem with the central locking. I really think it is quite an interesting set of symptoms which might strike some recognition with someone so i can get my remote working again.

The remote key fob (one button) does not work however the central locking works with the key being inserted in either drivers or passenger door locks although occassionally i have to turn it twice as it might just unlock drivers door or just lock drivers door if used in drivers side lock.

The Drivers side door lock switch next to the handle (Not the one next to window switches) when moved only locks or unlocks the drivers door, not the other doors.

The drivers side locking switch on the panel with the window switches locks all doors except the drivers side

Yesterday i noticed something interesting, with the drivers door open if i moved the switch next to door opening handle on drivers side (NOT the one on the window button panel) to lock it did nothing for the other doors but moving it to unlock there was the sound of the motors in the other doors operating although obviously they were already in unlocked position.

It did not do this with door shut.

I know that when i lock the doors with the key the alarm / immobiliser is armed because i have set the alarm off.

I also know that the car detects open windows/sunroof when i take key out and/or lock it because it beeps at me.

Any suggestions

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that sounds like the same array of micro switch faults that they all get just more intermittent than usuall, the door lock switches are the culprits for turning the key twice and the motor arm sensor switch is the reason for the lock fault which will prevent the fob from being sync as you cant use the preceedure there is another post about this from a couple of days ago.

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it shouldn't lock when the door is open, its so you cant lock the keys in, well i still managed it one day with the autolock alarm that seems so random.

But its an extra safety net for you.

The fob might need resetting, you can only do this with the master key or its a trip to lexus..... ouch...

The master key should be the only one to unlock the valet bootlock under the wheel (if your model has one).

If you have the master then you need to find out the sequence to reset, its something to do with the ignition and pushing buttons etc...i have saw a post on it in this forum

It could just be sticky locks, my passenger door never locks with the remote but always unlocks, typically the most annoying way... :tsktsk:

i keep saying i'll get around to cleaning it, and fixing the drivers window but...... :whistling:

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