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Sticking Accelerator On Rx Models?

The Manxman

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Hello All. I'm new to the LOC Forums so bear with me if I should have found something about this topic already. Have there been any reported incidents in the UK of any RX models having wayward accelerator pedals? I had a real fright in February when my RX300's accelerator stuck open. Put it this way... only the launderette knows how I really felt! I took it to my less than helpful local authorised Lexus dealership and explained specifically what happened. Their response being "the RX isn't on the re-call list", as if that should somehow put my mind at rest having just had the journey from hell! They 'assured' me that no RX's in the UK have EVER suffered the well documented problem of the poor fella and his family in the USA, but having witnessed my own, genuinely very scary incident first hand, I can't really say my mind's at rest when I get in the car... simply because the RX isn't on a re-call list. Any comments, thoughts, similar anecdotes etc. would be much appreciated. Many thanks.

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