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Anyone Fitted A New Parking Brake/handbrake Cable?


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On my latest LS400, (its the first of the mk2's) a 1995-> car..

The parking brake wont release back up when you pull the lever on the dash.

I had the car up on mates ramps yesterday, and both in the footwell and under the car, the cable is curved where it joins both the pedal mechanism and the splitter/adjuster under the rear seats under the car

It simply looks like someone has fitted a new cable, but the wrong one. Either that the old one is seriously stretched, as even with all the adjustment taken, it seems too long.

Has anyone had any experience with these? is it a problem with the adjuster not taking the cable back in..?

Handbrake works, but not great..

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lexus ls400 1995

Hi i had the same problem the cable was seized where it go's in to the hub and inner cable would not move had to get two new back fix jack car up on axle stands as high as you can get it,then take brakes off and disk hubs and brake shouse

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