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Hi all,

My IS200 sport is making a humming noise that i'm hoping is wheel bearing related as opposed to diff related.

The best way I can describe it is, it's a Whooooing noise that is loudest around 60mph (ish) it kind of builds up like an air raid siren and maintains the same sound from 60 upwards, similarly it decreases in pitch as I slow down and disappears at slower speed. I'm struggling to determine where exactly on the car the noise is eminating from precisely, cos I'm usually sat inside it at those speeds :winky:

Hopefully this is making sense, apologies if not.

Can I have opinions on what this might be please (as long as they point to wheel bearings :unsure: )

Seriously though, any advice/ideas or past experience would be appreciated.


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What brand of tyres are on the car? If you have budget brand tyres then thats your problem (most likely). Budget brand tyres use hard rubber compunds which can make the tyres noisy at high speeds. Is the noise there say when you drive at 30mph?

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O.K. The guy at the lot where I bought the car said he had put 4 x £70 tyres on which by any standards would be considered budget I guess. I can't say that I have noticed the sound at lower speeds, i'll drive home from work tonight without the (repaired using guides from this forum :D ) radio blasting and report back. It never occurred to me that the tyres could make that much difference.

thanks for the replies so far.

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OK, if I was you I would get the wheel bearings checked out first. If they are OK then there is a strong chance its your tyres that are the problem?

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