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My previous 3 lexus were IS200s which all suffered the same complaint of corroding wheels

and Lexus did change them. The excuse was it only happened in the UK so it wasn't worth fixing at source.

When I bought my IS250 nearly 3 years ago I thought this would not be a problem - wrong

One front and one back now have bubbles and Lexus will replace those 2 but not the others.

The car has only done 17000 miles and, I would imagine, the other 2 will do the same but after

the warranty has expired. The dealer told me Lexus are getting very strict and will not sort

it out once the warranty has expired.

After 11 years with Lexus and many problems we are to part company.

I think they have quality issues and wouldn't be surprised if we discover a lot of components

are now made to a price which is now about to bite back.

I also run Fords at the same time and, over those 11 years, have always been far more reliable

and generally don't visit the dealer between services.

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its true !

its the salt we use in this country

to put things in perspective a ford transit i run just had to have the power steering hoses and pump replaced, after they rusted through, and that was blamed on the salt !......what makes it worse the transit is just 3 years old, and guess what ?, the warranty has just ran out !

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