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Got U Covered Ltd - For Sky


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I am posting this in as many places as I can! A company call 'Got U Covered Ltd' they offer insurance for your Sky equipment. DON'T BE FOOLED...............

I originally took out the cover for a year, only to realise the following year they just please themselves and dipped into my account for the next years renewal. That pee'd me right off for a start. They do not send a renewal notice - like other insurers - with the usual 'do nothing and your cover will renew blah blah'. When I tried to contact them, they said this was usual market practice (no its not). So I told them to cancel it at the next expiry date; during the year I had a problem with my Sky dish (trees) and they wouldn't come out and move it. I had to paid Sky to move the dish higher. I didn't think anything more about it because, I had told them to cancel the policy.

Well, low and behold this year, I get a letter 'final demand' no less, asking for payment. They could not dip into my account this year, because that card had expired! When I call them again, it was I didn't send them a cancellation letter; well I said you didn't send me a renewal letter.

I am well peaved, in the end we came to a compromise about this years policy. And he had the audacity to ask for my card details again (ha ha ha) I sent them reduced premium cheque and a cancellation letter too - 9 months prior to renewal!


I'll ave them if they even send me junk mail! Thanks for listening :D

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oh no - i seem to come accross people and companies like that on a regular basis - still at least you got a nice car to drive round in-feel for you-i wouldnt of sent them a cheque though but my cr is bad already so not much risk of affecting my rating adversely

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