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Mountain Bike Car Rack


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hi guys,

over the last week or so i have been looking for a Bike rack for my car... been to Halfords.. unfortunatley the only one they have does not look so secure when on.. and is full of straps.

Does anyone have a bike rack for the saloon is200? if so.. any recommendations on where i can get one from.. and input on how complicated it is to setup.. (i would only use to drive to detination with bike and then return. so would need to take off and on ...on a regular basis)

any other advice would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance.


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Does anyone know of any good bike racks?

I want to take my mountain bike further afield.

Seems roof bars and bike mounts on top of the car, are the way to go?

Any suggestions on what equipment to go for?

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i got the thule roof bars with the standard is200 / altezza fitting kit, then two of the top of the range bike holders - the ones that secure the tyres and the frame. cost me £250 in total, but i think thats a small price to pay to have my £1300 bike safe on my roof, and my car completely unmarked even though i frequently put the rack on and off.

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I got a Saris Bones rack for the Boot lid which is pretty good. Dont like the idea of having my bike on the roof.

Annoyingly my bike wont fit in the boots with both wheels off and dont fancy putting it on the backseat either.

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With the saris rack, how many bikes do you put on it?

I am worried it may bend or affect the bootlid.

Do you also have to fit an extra lights or reg plate?

I've got the Bones 3 which carries 3 bikes and hasn't made any marks on the lid and stays in place just fine.

Was a bit nervous using it initially as we picked up my mates spanking new whyte (i think thats the brand) up from the shop on a trip to wales recently but it was solid driving from derby to wales and back no worries at 90mph

With 3 bikes on,it could be argued the lights are obscured but the number plate definately is... my solution was to make a cardboard number plate and tie it to the last bike. Didnt want to go to the effort of sourcing and fitting a lighting and number plate rig but I've not been pulled yet.

When packing the bikes on the rack use foam pipe covers for the frame and forks to prevent scratching. works a treat :-) and much cheapeer than alternatives you;d be sold from a bike shop.

I'm sure I;ve got apicture of the rack with 3 bikes on if it helps though I'll have to figure out how to upload it onto here.

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That would be good to see, if you could upload it, as I am toying with either the rack or the roof mounted bars.

If you do have a picture, please upload it.

Many thanks


Hi Joe

Not got time to set up a photobucket account etc at the moment which seems to be the only way to upload images.

Type Saris bones into google images and there's plenty of examples.

Had a quick look at my photo too which probably isn't as useful as some on google anyways. one other thing to consider with lid vs roof is boot access. Not a problem for me but if you plan to go away with the family etc for really long journeys this may force your decision.

Hope this is useful in some way.

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Im a bmx-rider and I have been looking some rooftop bike holder or bike holder to trunk without the need of the rear hook. If somebody got suggestions for holder/shop where to buy, Please let me know.


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