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hi, im back with an IS200 after defecting to BMW for 2 years, (320d) saw the error of my ways and returned.

anyway as i spend a lot of time in my car and need 1. great sound (so see no need to change speakers)2. sat nav, 3. Iphone interface. 4. touchscreen.

What do people recomend to replace the standard Lexus 2 din head unit? id like a complete unit and not the flip up type ideally.

my budget is 300 quid, ive seen a few units around but im sure there are pitfalls around.

any advise / suggestions / recommendations please? wireing, brackets, etc etc etc.

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I might be wrong here but I don't think it's really possible to get a double DIN touchscreen unit with built in satnav for £300 unless you go for one of the no-name units on eBay (which are generally not recommended)

One without nav should be achievable though, I think ed's unit is for sale around £350.

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well thats pretty close to £300 no - plus if you factor in the cost of a facia and bypass lead and see if ed,s doing it as a bulk lot it could be a really good deal - i cant recall what eds stereo was but i think it was cheap at the price

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Hi, I fitted a no name - Meos one off eBay, 200 quid, its not brilliant but does what it says it does! a few things id like to change but you get what you pay for and didnt want to spend a fortune.basically DVD works great, Bluetooth with Iphone 3G for telephone and playing music works ok(although contacts isnt useable hands free is great)interface with ipod works but you can only play songs (cant scroll through albums or artists)I dont think the sat nav module is worth getting or DVB.overall sound quality is good also.

I actually got the autoleads facia to fit quite well and it all blends in ok apart from the obvious finish, bought an amp bypass lead and this was a piece of cake to fit, whole thing took about 30 mins to fit initially.then a bit of in and out to get it tidied up properly.

Job done.

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i used a company called

they do some very nice stuff for that price and do alot of oem for toyota and vw. worth looking into.

dont believe everything you read on the internet...

i can 100% assure you that they dont make anything for either Toyota or VW..

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