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Steamy Headlights :(

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well recently got to splittin my headlights and doin them black one problem is their steaming up.... would anyone have any suggestions on how to stop this??

I would think that the problem is that you've not sealed it good enough. You can either split it open again, and supply with Tec7 or something. Or you can just try to seal it with tec7 or something simmilar around the edges.

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did you use the reheat and seal method or did you do something else?

well i baked them again second time round opened dried then reseal and bonder but still steams..... not sure but someone told me if i drill couple of 10mm holes in the back of the lights that would work???

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well it looks like you will have to try again. you can add a few silocon sachets but the best thing is to check that all the vents are good and that the seals on the bulb covers are on right. and try to reseal using this way.

heat up the unit in the oven and after take it out press the unit together. use some clamps if you can and leave it for 1 hour to cool down. unclamp it and take some sealer( silcone or other ) and seal the light.

drilling holes is the last thing you want to do.

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