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Where To Buy / Average Price Of Lexus Spares?

Mr G

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Hi all,

I wondered if someone might be able to point me in the direction of a reputable spares company. I'd like to give my newly acquired IS200 a cam belt change and possibly a new water pump. I see that the traders section has a post offering discounted parts for Gold Members but are parts any cheaper / better than you can get off eBay?

Also, does anyone have any experience of 'pattern parts' or should I stick with genuine stuff?

Many thanks in advance,


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if you buy from a main dealer the cambelt kit is £130 and waterpump £100 - dont forget the small bypass hose and two washers which usually gets done at the same time about £12

Please enlighten me about the hose and washers?

Where do they go? Why replace them? Obv coz they are cheap, but what is their function?

Thanks :-)

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i think they replace them as they can tend to weep or lose water after a few years and its in the same area as the waterpump so i guess its good practice to change while access is easy when the cambelt etc is being changed - not exactly sure what it does but im sure ormi would know-its called a bypass hose so i guess it bypasses something--hope that is some help

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