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Ive had my LS400 for about 20 months but i havent noticed this before. Except for when the wheel is fully extended outwards and at its lowest lateratal possition, the wheel will rock up and down. It takes a bit of pushing and pulling with one hand at 12 oclock and the other 6 oclock but it rocks about 4 or 5 mm. It doent have any play side to side.

Is this amount of play normal. In which case it wont be an MOT failure. Or is it something that needs fixing.

I want to keep the car and convert it to LPG but i have to wiegh up weather or not it is cast effective. Mainly because it also needs a OSF ball joint and 3 new wheel bearings plus maybe a couple of bushes at the rear and replacement cats and mid exhaust section because teh flanges have gone..

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Just checked mine and there is some up and down as well as a little side to side movement, although on both axis the movement is between the steering column and the dashboard rather than the actual steering shaft itself.

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