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11 Hours Hard Worth It Though!

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Hi All,

My mate Alex came over today and helped me paint correct and detail my newly acquired GS300. For any of you who are members for the clean your car forum ( You may know him as Arekkusu.

We started just after 09:00 and including a couple of tea breaks and lunch we finished up at about 20:30. Well worth it though, I am so please with the results.

It's not perfect, Parts of the car have some fairly deep swirls and scratches and it has obviously seen some serious brush car wash action! Still regular cleaning/waxing and another rotary polish in 6 months time and the difference will be dramatic!

All that remains between now and then is to get my bro who owns a body shop to respray the badly stone chipped bonnet and front bumper and to fix a couple of spots of rust on the drivers door and beside the rear spoiler and she'll be looking pristine.

Thought I'd share some pictures, All comments/suggestions welcomed.

My favourite pics have to be;



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Thanks for the initial comments guys!

You have a very nice GS Tigerfish, I think you'd spoken a couple of times to my car's previous owner Rtjc, He is a mate of my brothers and is also a fellow MR2 owner like myself.

I've been reading the Lexus forum a fair bit recently and gathering lots of info. Tigerfish, I may be requiring some advice from you in the near future. I have a double din head unit from my MR2 which I plan to put in the GS. I've read some of your posts regarding stereo swaps and it would appear you are the resident expert.

Looks superb mate. Mine is due a good clean again too. Same colour as mine too thumbsup.gif

does look really nice-well worth the effort id say

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