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Creaking And Knocking Nearside Wheel


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Hoping someone can help identify the source of a creaking and knocking sound coming from the nearside front wheel area. Noticed it about a week ago, only makes the sound when travelling slowly and turning and does not seem to be affected by bumps/potholes etc - when travelling at normal road speeds 20+ you cannot hear it. My mate is an MOT tester and has his own garage so it went up on the ramp yesterday for a good look. If you bounce the car by holding the front wing you can hear a definite creaking noise, he thinks it is to do with the ABS pump that you can see if you look directly upwards behind the wheel (if you search on eBay for is200 abs pump, you will see the part I mean).

The only difference to the ones on eBay is mine has a link rod with a ball joint on either end coming off the unit. If he pushed this upwards it made the noise - with this disconnected the noise went. He then re-attached the link rod and sprayed the lot with WD40 - the noise is still there but is definitely quieter. Does anybody have any thoughts? Are the parts on eBay the right thing? A lot of other posts seem to point to the shocks being the issue, just after some advice before I spend some money!



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