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Nitrogen Filled Tyres


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From tonz's link (thanks for that):

For passenger car applications the main claims seem to be

•Reduced corrosion – because unlike air there's no moisture in pure nitrogen

•Slower rate of pressure loss – because nitrogen molecules are larger than oxygen molecules (which make up 21% of compressed air)

The corrosion seems a bit far-stretched, no?

As for the slower rate of pressure loss: logically, this will happen automatically when you fill it up with normal air as well: the oxygen molecules will go away much quicker, leaving mostly nitrogen molecules. After a while, you'll have almost nothing but nitrogen in them. Or am I missing something?

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no your tyres are drained of oxygen supposedly and if further adjustment is made you are supposed to have more nitrogen put in

Sure, but I was saying that even if you don't do procedure, logically you should end up with tyres filled mostly with nitrogen anyway -- since the oxygen is the first to get out of your tyres.

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