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Hi guys, im new to LOC and also new to forums an not very good with them, i bought a nice gunmetal grey is200 se about a year ago.(not got any pics up yet). I unfortunatly hit a block of snow/ice in the middle of the road earlier in the year but havnt had money to fix it. I need a new front bumper,splitter and headlamp washer.

I can't seem to find a new splitter anywhere,can anyone help me?? is it standard to this car and the lexus garage might have one.also is this wat u's call a tte splitter?? its just a small extra lip on the front.thanks mark

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Hi bud, welcome along to the club,

Is this what you require??


This is the TRD front lip, and can still be bought over the counter at lexus (maybe even Aberdeen) and cheap copies can be picked up on the bay,

or do you have something different.

The TTE version is part of the bumpre not an add on, but there are other front lip / splitters / spoilers out there,

Do you have a pic?? or a pic before the accident??

Have you tried mailing sellers that are breaking IS200 on eBay for bumper & washer?? allthough a bumper will come up here from time to time when someone swaps for a TTE one.

EDIT - Start a new thread in the wanted section, you never know :whistling:

If buying new

TRD front lip part number 08154-53810,

list price £146.10

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Hello, how desperate are you for a front bumper? im planning on getting my TTE front bumper installed at some point so i'll have a spare stracthcaron blue front bumper. Interested?

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