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Can somebody please tell me how to tell from looking at the car wether it has standard suspension or DHP pack if the standard wheels shave been replaced with aftermarket ones?

thank you in advance

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I am not entirely sure you could tell by looking at it.........The DHP is lower but unless you have two cars side by side you really would be guessing.

Mine does have "DHP" written in the service book but again, anyone could have written it in.

If it was me, I would take the VIN and call Lexus Customer Services on 0845 129 5484 - They will know for sure.

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thanks steve - i saw an LPG low miler Mark 4 on eBay - rang lexus with the reg and it doesnt come up on their system - they reckon its an import!

its also a bit overpriced and has had 4 owners - so ill pass on it for now

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If a car is registered new on a private plate that is what the manufacturer will have. A new reg number is allocated to the car as and when that private plate is taken off. You really need to give them the VIN to be absolutely sure.

I agree it is expensive.

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My dealer have all the 4 plates on record but maybe thats just footnotes.

Could be.....Depending on the dealer management system this could mean that JUST your dealer has a record of it. It may not update the database of Lexus GB HQ and / or the remainder of the Lexus dealer network.

Dealers rarely like to share customer data with the vehicle manufacturer if they can at all help it as they tend to worry about losing control of the customer relationship. The whole subject of who "owns" the customer is quite a touchy subject in manufacturer / dealer relations - It's not as rosy as you may think!

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Steve your advice was spot on - after ringing the MK dealer with a chassis number i was told it was indeed a UK car with standard suspension

How much do you reckon its worth?

thanks for your help

EDIT: actually i spoke too soon - just to make sure i rang another lexus dealer as was told it did have the handleing pack??????

so further clarify i rang lexus cambrdige and was told that he car when new had had lower springs, a different anti roll bar and 17 inch wheels which means it does have DHP - :0( - not what i wanted to hear!

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