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Who Has The Best Lexus Is200 On This Fourm


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Right lads i was looking at a couple of picture's and i thought i would post this thread up on who has the best lexus is200 on this fourm.

Pictures and spec's would be great.

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In my opinion I think that Ormi has the best looking IS200 on here! I couldn't comment on performance as I have never been in it, but I would imagine it ain't too shabby with the charger in it and all that. It's what I am aiming for! (hope he doesnt mind me posting this)

It's also quite well spec'd.....

Mods to date..

dished fox rs wheels 18" 8" et35,grooved and drilled disks,greenstuff pads all round,painted calipers lex logo on all,lowered 40mm(F)50mm( R ),moley's rear sub frame under bars,TRD yellow antiroll bars,jdm wind deflectors,TTE front bumper,TRD side skirts,TRD rear lip, jdm headlights de-tango'd,jdm foglights,cat back stainless exhaust,gas bonnet lifters,TTE supercharger kit,5 pk790 belt,hks fcd,apexi induction kit,prolex manifold,uprated intercooler,silicone hose kit,carbon fiber intake,green over wire engine dress up kit,polished stainless prolex rad panel,polished engine cover(hand made by me),TTE polished strut top covers,voltage stabiliser kit,earthing kit,10000k hids,8000k hid full beam bulbs,led side lights,flashing LED brake lights,private plate L8XSS,relocated horns,full rear light mod light/brake/fog with pulsing bulbs in their too,puddle lights,tv,freeview dvd player,swapped trc/snow and heated seat buttons(trc/snow now in the middle),04 seat and door card conversion grey piping and electric passengers seat,OE armrest,twin 12"active fly sub box and finally the chrome a/c rings with matching stainless clock face!!!stainless dial kit now fitted

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aaaahh Matt i dont know if your allowed to vote for yourself,,, tut tut , could be cheatin ,,, ( jokin )

I was gonna stay out of this one because im a bit of a purist and like em the way lexus made em but if you are talking about modded cars Matts monster must be a contender as he rightly says his car definately has to set a benchmark - by the same standard sparkystavs is gorgeous and unique and has had a fair amount of attention and praise from the press and fellow members and is a daily driver too

For the purists i think whiteys lovely black 300 with the full kit and every extra must be a contender

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Agree it all depends on your tastes and preferences.

From mainly cosmetic perspecitve, there are lots on here, Ormi's being one of the more recent pics that I remember. From an out and out mod'ing and desirability perspective, I think I would be hard pushed to pick between Monster mats, IS200Sam's, Sparkystav's, Yeldarb's and Mr Singhs.

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yeah i love patricks car as well,was one of the cars on here which caught my eye when i first joined,bazzas looks nice as well but for us newbies that havent been on here long can we drag up some pics ie mr singhs,bazzas car etc as it can be hard to find when the threads are really old if you dont know what you are looking for - i hear mr singhs wheels were more then a bit special

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heres a few pics of mine...

after fitting the coilovers approx 100mm lower at the rear 90mm lower at the front


my front bumper...


my engine bay...


my 2005 spec seats...mines a 1999


my dials


ps thanks to the peeps that have remembered mine!!!!it make all the time,effort and money all worth it..

my car will be on a stand this year at fast and modified at ingleston this year...woopwoop..

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i love the above car ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

when i joined loc the cars i saw most of were stavs,bandits,moleys,wozzas etc didn't really see much of the monster(love that one too)bandits was the one i wanted mine to look like very clean and nice engine bay....

so i think some people call it the vip look others call it oem+ that was the look i wanted you know when you look at a car and think thats nice its had work done but i don't know what work its had done...

but their is so many nice ones out their its hard to choose one....

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