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Drove My Altezza Today!


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Finally picked up my Altezza from South Hampton.

Drove it all the way up to southern Norfolk.

I did not realize how much I missed that car.

I have not driven it since February.

My next step is to get the MOT done.

I am also going to need some license plates.

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I did drive up from Southampton yesterday, but I drive a

1999 Silver Toyota Altezza RS200z with A'PEXi Power Intake, Fujitsubo SuperEX header, Kakimoto Regu 96dB-R muffler,

TRD Sports Catalyzer center pipe, TRD Quick shift lever, TRD Front/Rear Lower Suspension Brace Set,

TOM'S Side Frame Reinforcement Brace, TEIN Rear Performance Bar, TEIN Driving Spec Control Master Type Flex.

not a white Altezza, sorry mate, it was not me you saw.

I did have a Silver IS200 doing drive by's on my Altezza

while I was having fish and chips around the corner from the dock next to the tanning salon.

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been working long hours, maybe this weekend.

i have a scheduled MOT next week, so maybe sometime soon with the pictures.

i have not been driving it without my MOT/Road tax, do not want any ridiculous fines.

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