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Both Front Brakes


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Well i thought to myself as i was driving about that i had an awful amount of drag on the car. Upon further inspection i have noticed that on each front caliper one of the sliders is completely jammed - and they are the opposite ones to each other.

Pistons look pretty corroded and will not push back.

I attempted to clean them up with a little sanding and a light application of lubricant but it made no difference at all.

What steps shall i take now? I have seen the kits for sale on eBay £333.33 for 2 front drilled and vented discs mintex, 2 pairs front pads mintex, new calipers left and right.

Im thinking a garage would probably push towards getting new brakes rather than refurbing them? I need the cheapest solution but i dont really want to buy second hand calipers from eBay because they will probably be close to useless with the history of is200 calipers...!

I'm pretty competent with most mechanical things on cars so i would tackle it myself if need be - what's best for bleeding the brakes etc? Clamp the hose off a few inches above the caliper before removal?

Your advice is appreciated, stu.

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Ive had exactly the same problem twice (once each side front). The mechanic who did mine would rather get refurbished ones, purely because of the price. However lexus calipers are quite rare parts to come by. If they havent been rubbing long then the discs should be fine, so you could just get a new seal kit and refurb them yourself. I have a spare caliper myself so thats what ill be doing. Last time I had one seize i had to source a used replacement which cost £65 from a dismantlers.

P.s I am no mechanic just speaking from personal experience

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I refurbished mine a while back by freeing up, cleaning, new pins/dust boots etc and just over a year later one slider siezed again.

Personally, its cheaper and easier to buy new (refurbished) calipers and fit those. I got one from Brakes International (last in the UK I think) and its fine.

New seals etc costs nearly £70 and if you need a piston then thats another £20 too!

Caliper was £78 or something.

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