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Is200 Manual Or Auto?


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  1. 1. IS200 manual or auto

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Hi all

i just wanted to see what most of you have

i use to have a platinum ice is200 sport manual but i sold that many years ago and i now have a blue is200 se

i was wondering what mods you have also done on your auto cars?

thanks in advance

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hi the only thing you need in the auto is the centre armrest fitted one last year and you would not believe how much you need one as agent x said you try driving in london and auto is the only way to go

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Manual.... Autos are for the disabled and the permanently baffled.

have you tried to drive in london ever other day?

Yep... And Southampton, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, Paris, Brussels, Munich, Salzburg Barcelona, Turin, Rome, Split, Jeddah, Dubai, Sharjah and virtually every burg, town and city in between... Some in a car, some in a van some in a 40 tonner with a crash box and twin splitter....The daily commute to work across London would hardly be a challenge

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